About the Founder

Mark Nunnari kick started his dream to work in the creative arts by first graduating with a Certificate 3 in Theatre Performance and Practices at the Actors College of Theatre and Television, where he studied the art of both stage and screen acting. 

With his passion set in film and television, it was not long until Mark was back in the learning saddle where he studied scriptwriting and producing at a low key film school that was struggling to spread its wings. Through the school's mismanagement, Mark was able to understand the reason why commercial cinema had a hard time trying to connect with their audience and it wasn't just bad organisation on a film set that could destroy the credibility of an excellent concept, but it was also the rushed development of the screenplay itself. 

After the course had ended, Mark started his own production company titled: Brutally Honest Productions, to give himself a unique identity in the industry, and to network with other creative individuals who shared his same beliefs and practices. After studying to be a writer/director at various institutions including: NIDA, AFTRS, and the Sydney Film Base, Mark used the valuable knowledge that he had learnt to write two feature length screenplays. 

BRUTALLY HONEST LOVE will be his first Major Project outside of Film School.

  “The problem with commercial cinema today is that every month we the audience are introduced to the same style of movie every single time. The only thing that the filmmakers are doing differently, is changing the film's title and the name of the lead character. ”

  "That's why the team at Brutally Honest Productions will endeavour to introduce the audience to a piece of cinema that is Inspiring, Entertaining, and Just Plain Different."


                                                          - Mark Nunnari (Founder)

– Andrei Tarkovsky

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